Developing people through personalised coaching or mentoring  to get the best outcome is what I do.   If you have felt stuck or challenged for some time now and ready to try something new, we will work to help you explore all options and design a personalised guide to get you through whatever challenges you might be facing. It's that simple.


1 x 45 mins session 

4 x 45 Minutes Package two months.

2 hrs Group Workshop ( Max 10 participants)

Via online or Phone. Face to face can be arranged as well.

All rates are in NZ$ and excludes GST.

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Hello, my name is Ngozi. I like to support people and guide them to reach their utmost potential. I have worked in Business, Education and Not-For-Profit for many years with very diverse groups of people. So, I am culturally aware and adept. 

Coaching or mentoring can help trigger positive actions to help you get unstuck to move forward.

My approach is quite simple and not complicated at all. We start with identifying the challenges and explore how best to overcome them. You feel empowered to do anything by the end of our sessions.

I have supported and helped many people improve in various aspects of their lives, work, and community and I would love to help you. I look forward to working and supporting you. Please feel free to reach out via email for a quick chat.

Qualification ad Certification

I'm a certified member of International Coaching Federation (ICF) with a Diploma in Professional Coaching. I gained Adult and Tertiary Teaching Certificate and currently completing a Post Graduate qualification. I sit on various Not For Profit Boards and Advisory Panels. 

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Auckland, New Zealand